Healing & Art Therapy Sessions

Healing & Art Therapy Sessions


Find out what your man’s really thinking

  Most women spend hours trying to understand what their partners are feeling, what our love interests are thinking, obsessing about what he means when he says something and questioning if he really means what he says and the list goes on. Watch to find out what your man is really thinking! ... View Post

All You Need To Know About Perfectionism

    Often when I'm treating I see theme's with clients.  This week seems to be about perfectionism. Did you know that you're actually doing others a disservice when you're trying to be perfect? YES, a disservice. Here's why.  In this life we are meant to learn to love unconditionally. When you're trying to be perfect your bending and sometimes forcing yourself to be something you're not.  Which ultimately means you're making it easier for the other people around you, ... View Post

The spiritual significance of car problems

    Last week after months of procrastinating I finally had my car serviced.  It had been 12 months since the last tune up and the brakes had started to squeak. I booked the car in for a standard service and new brakes as I had done very low mileage in the past year. The good natured mechanic arrived and advised that he would do an assessment of the car and let me know in more detail what was needed.  Within 30 mins he had told me that the car needed a full service.  Crikey!  ... View Post

This is what happens when you connect to your inner child

    There is so much wonder in the unknown but man do we fear it! The fear consumes and paralyses us and we feel stuck in the confusion. Why does the not knowing feel so overwhelming? Control limits the joy of the unknown We spend so much time wanting to control things, so things are "perfect" but those reins are so tight we squeeze the joy out of it. Our exercise, the food we eat, what time we go to bed and wake up, what we drink, what chores require completing are oh so ... View Post

Meet Maryanne

Meet Maryanne

Maryanne’s mission is to help you release the sabotage and fear programs that are sitting in your sub-conscious in order for you to be free personally and professionally, allowing you to connect to who you truly are.

She’s the creator of the Zoi Method, passionate artist, creator of the online show Maryanne TV, author of Heroine, and proud ambassador for the ChooseREAL campaign.

Not only does Maryanne work one on one with clients, she also mentors business leaders and facilitates team building workshops in order to create unity. Her unique and engaging style is driven by her passion for thinking outside the box and creating thought-provoking actions that allow people to get the most out of themselves and each other.

Maryanne Katsidis